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Addressing Contaminants of Emerging Concern

By Shane Trussell, PhD, P.E. - Engineered treatment systems can be designed to remove compounds, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds, that are commonly detected in wastewater effluents through new analytical techniques.

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Understanding the Risk Adjusted Discount Rate for Infrastructure Projects

By Michael Storan - Recent challenges have put an increased focus on public agencies to reduce capital spending through more cost effective solutions to provide public services. Public agencies across the world have increasingly looked to leverage the expertise of the private sector.

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Water-Aware Company

Guinness has committed to improve water efficiency by 30%, reduce water wasted at water-stressed sites by 50%, and reduce the polluting power of wastewater by 60%, all by 2015.

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Radical Biology

Wastewater treatment facilities are living machines with an incredible capacity to treat contamination created by ordinary human activity.

Did you know that this work is performed by microorganisms?

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Technology Spotlight by Erin Hubbard, P.E.

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